Stores carrying our products:

John Brooks store ABQ

Corrales Frontier Mart

Silver Street Market

Devon offers shopping hours 6 days a week at the warehouse on Osuna.

Established in 2009 by Grace and Jon Piotrowicz, Eurozone Food Distributors was based in Cedar Crest, NM.  It was the best kept food secret in the state serving those who love Central European food.  In 2015, Devon Day purchased the business and moved the location to Albuquerque.  She is expanding the inventory and signing on more stores to carry her terrific products. 

Devon adores her customers and is eager to provide the food they miss and love.  She is committed to bringing more food options to New Mexico and knows it is a great way to learn about a country and its culture.  Come in and you might hear Polish, Russian, Romanian and many more languages.